I’ve Gotten Emotionally Involved; I’m Screwed

I want to say, I’m pretty much writing this as a reflection to kinda heal myself. I think writing this might make me feel better and empty my head from all those thought.

So, I’ve made the mistake of starting Goblin 2 days ago. I’ve screwed myself. Goblin is a KDrama about, you know, a goblin. Though… I didn’t think this would give me that… I thought I would hate it. I’m stupid. I should never think anything. From now on, I won’t do that anymore.

So, now, basically, this show is giving me the same emotional trip that Love Rain did some months ago. The problem with this is that, when I’m done, I’ll go full hungover mode. This is the bad part of a good part, I think.

But, you see… The thing is that in these moments of complete emptiness, where I feel so empty inside and out, I’m a shit at writing. I have those unbearable writing blocks. I have one right now. I don’t know what to do with Entry 11.

I think I might just go around and clean the whole apartment over. That might do the trick. The other tricks I had won’t work right now because of my arms… So no Diablo III and no overly modded Minecraft to save my soul. Yay~

Goblin is too freaking good, and I hate it because I love it so much that my brain can’t work. Shit! If you need to just forget your reality for a while, it’s always good. The mistake I made is starting it while in the middle of the writing challenge. You know, when I need my brain for other stuff…

I’ll survive. Let’s go clean every crevices of the cave I live in! (Btw, I’m fine. I’m not sad or anything, just angry at myself. Letting the frustration out is good for my blocks. I’m sure Entry 11 will be released before midnight.)


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