Kimi Wa Petto (Jdrama) Quick Review

This review has been requested by Leafy. Thanks Leafy!~♥


Kimi Wa Petto is about a 29 year old successful journalist who finds a young man in a box in front of her home and takes him in as her new pet.

This jdrama of 10 episodes was based on a manga of the same name. It was completed in 2003. (Yes, dinosaur phones again!) Once again, I haven’t read the manga. I looked it up, but… Well… You can go and see for yourself…

Okay, let’s dive right in with the plot. I must admit, I was pretty surprised. This drama managed to keep my frustration level relatively low. Maybe it was because the main character had so much wits to her. But I didn’t like that she was a 29 years old smoker. Seriously, why 29-30? Why? And don’t smoke, guys, that’s how you get cancer and die young. Ask my grandma about it. Oh, wait, she’s dead because her lungs were black and full of gukk. Help yourself for heavens sake! (shameless anti-smoking rent ahaha!) Also, I would have liked our heroine to be a lot more aggressive but hey, it was fine.

Momo-chan was really nice. He really felt like a dog sometimes. Also, I like how they explored  a relationship with the girl being 8 years older than the guy! Wow!

Now, Let’s talk about Fukushima and Hasumi. Those two, holy moose meatballs dipped in sriracha! they were sooooo argh! Fukushima-san was just the bad girl but she was so sneaky about it… wow… And don’t trust Hasumi. He looks so nice and all but he’s a total douche!

Also, I don’t know what happened to the writer on episode 6 but boy was that a little too hardcode? I don’t know about Sumire, but I felt kinda rapped. Just saying.

On to the actors! I must say, to whoever made the casting choice. Good job. I approve. The main actress really looked right in place. And damn, Mattsumoto Jun as Momo was great. (He played in Hana yori Dango btw.) Now, my problem lays in the guy who played Hasumi. Really, I felt that this actor was a bit out of place. I can’t quite pinpoint why.

I give Kimi Wa Petto: fantarating4_54/5 fantas.

I was impressed that it was that good. I usually have an hard time finishing those dramas but not this one. It was just the right length and, also, Jun was cute.

That’s it for this week folks! I’ll see you next Thursday for another one!


19 thoughts on “Kimi Wa Petto (Jdrama) Quick Review

  1. Omg I thought you might like it and I’m so glad you did! They’re actually releasing a “new version” of this show really soon so I’m glad you watched the original. Honestly, I don’t know how the newer one will ever top this, but I’m going to see how it plays out.

    I agree with the kiss scene. It was a little too much but I did appreciate how they all grew throughout the series.

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    • Thank you for your request Leafy ^-^ I’m glad I watched it. I’ll definitely look out for the new one. I haven’t read the source material so you never know, maybe it’ll be a gem… even though I doubt it xD

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      • Not at all! It’s hard to find other people who are openminded in the otoge community regarding dramas and a lot of them are really good. So many people miss out on great shows because they either haven’t had luck with them in the past or are still so caught up in the anime stuff (not a bad thing at all) but it’s a shame that jdrama aren’t that popular.
        And I’ve never read the manga either so idk….lol though I do know it’s a josei so there’s some sexy times.
        If you ever want me to watch something let me know! ^^

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      • Sure, I’ll do just that! I’ve commented on Noble, My Love about a cheese I found like 2-3 days ago: Senior Secret Love: Bake Me Love. it’s a Thai drama. And yes a lot of people love anime better but personally I love both very much. But what’s so good about dramas is that they are almost always aimed at maidens ^-^

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      • Oh yeah.. the dolls is pretty much stopped right now because I’m too broke to pay for the mats… sad… But if I ever get rich and have some time to spare, I’ll definitely go back to it.
        Also, It’s really nice to have some recommendation in a sea of questionable dramas.

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      • Ahaha! There’s a lot I can’t do. I’m really more on the artistic side so yeah… I no social skills whatsoever too which makes it really hard for me to find a job xD

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      • thanks. I love being creative but sometimes it can be a burden. Society norms don’t like artists much. Also, it feels nice to be understood ^-^

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      • True, but when you look back at past projects you can see that you’ve improved and YOU made it ^^ That’s always truly amazing to think you were capable of doing ____ etc.
        And right? Sure, it’s not going to cure cancer but creativity can save lives. If my friend hadn’t read the manga Orange, she wouldn’t be doing as well as she is now. She unfortunately lost her brother and dealt with depression and was cutting herself.
        She read Orange, was able to appreciate the story, and since then she’s been really into writing. ^^

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      • Wow, I’m happy Orange could save someone. Yeah, sadly, when I tell people I wanna do webtoons as a living I get the big eyes and such. To them, a job on internet isnt really a job i think

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      • It’s amazing to think that something like that could have such an impact. I’m grateful it did because she was having such a hard time but now she’s pretty much back to how she was before ^^
        And ugh those losers. That’s a crazy-cool career and I hope you get to do that. I think you;ll make it because your art is great! ^^

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks, I hope I can do something like that or something related to that like Otomes or just writing… I have much to learn but once my arms are healed I have something already planned. I really want to improve.
        And I’m happy to hear that your friend it better. I’ve dealt with depression and I have some anxiety so I know how bad it can get sometimes.

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      • Oh I don’t really mind mean comments as long as they can help me improve then if they don’t I’ll just skip to something else.
        My arms have been acting up for almost a year now and I couldnt figure out what I had and had to stop school and such but now I know it has something to do with my ligaments being too long and stuff. it hurts in whole arm, shoulders and fingers but they say I can fix it, Just waiting to meet the doc about it. As long as I don’t type or draw too much, I’m usually fine.

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      • Haha but I’d imagine hearing that often might get really annoying or mess with you a little. It’s good you have a hard skin but you shouldn’t have to deal with that 😦
        I’m so sorry to hear that. I really hope things work out and you get better soon. I’m here if you ever need to talk and please take care ^^

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