31DFWC1 Entry 2

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Bonus!  Another trash sketch.

It was a crisp morning and the cold autumn air had transformed the dew in a light layer of frost, making everything look strangely white. The whole scenery glimmered under the weak heat of the sun as Jacob let a sigh escape his mouth and  looked at the light column of blurry mist dissipate with curiosity.

He loved the autumn more than any other seasons. It was always really cold in the morning but the time of year offered a warm sun in the afternoon and plenty of rainy days. That morning, however, the sky was clear.

He was suddenly reminded of his first day at his new school. The morning was very much like this one except it was a lot warmer. Due to his sudden move, he had joined his new class two weeks after school had started. To his relieve, all his fellow classmates had already found their places in small groups and had already friends of their own. He had walked there for the first time, surrounded by plenty of students, all laughing and fooling around.

When he had entered his new class, everyone had stared at him. The teacher, a round balding man, had presented him and  was waiting for him to say something but was met with awkward silence. Jacob, instead, strode through the room and sat to his assigned desk. The teacher, visibly embarrassed, had blurted out some joke that nobody had laughed at and had started his course as usual.

Jacob had high hopes for his new school. Finally, he would be left alone and nobody would mind him. But soon, there were whispers of his arrival. Aside from his failed introduction, his looks and tall frame had made him stand out. It had only became worst once launch break started.

He had exited his room to go and fetch some food. Nearing the cafeteria, he had been met with a scene that remembered him of his younger days. A girl had been on the floor, scurrying to grab her multiple textbooks. Surrounding her were four girls, all cackling like hyenas. One of them finding pleasure in kicking a book the girl had tried so desperately to reach.

Without thinking, Jacob had gone to the girl and had crouched next to her, grabbing the books she couldn’t grasps. He had handed them to her and she had muttered thankful words.

– “You should ignore them.” He had said. “Once they get bored, they’ll find somebody else to bother.”

The girl had studied him quietly. Her mouth had twitched and she had suddenly got up, had blurted out an apology and had ran off. The four girls were still surrounding him and were still cackling. One of them had started an insult when Jacob went to his feet. His height was impressive, of course, but it was not why the girl had stopped mid-sentence. One of the four girls had blushed and apologized before running off, the others had stared at him, speechless.

Jacob’s mouth had curled in anger and his beautiful deep green eyes were full of furry. They must have been impressed by his expression but, probably most of all, by his handsome appearance. No matter how mad he had been, he was still the object of the girls admiration. And so they had been all quiet, either fearing his wrath or maybe scared of loosing their chances with him. Either way, Jacob hadn’t  cared.

– “I hate hyenas.” He had said in a low growl.

He had planned on saying something cooler but all he could say was this. Feeling dumb, he had tried to find something else to say. Something that would make him sound less stupid.

– “And there’s three in front of me.”

The moment the words had escaped his mouth, he had cursed himself again. “Way to go, Jay.” He had thought. “You screwed it up again.” But one of the girl, he had assumed she was the leader of the small group, had her blood washed from her face. She had opened her mouth slightly, then, had closed it and had aggressively turned around and left, the two other girls following in her steps.

After that incident, he was the center of attention again. No matter how much Jacob could curse himself, he couldn’t obviously hide his looks and neither could he fight his own good nature and awkwardness. In the end, moving hadn’t changed anything and his hopes of being an invisible shadow again had crumbled.

“It wasn’t even cool…” He sighed again, the thought making him cringe.”It was stupid but they all somehow liked it…” And, oh, how they did like it. After that, Jacob had become some kind of knight throughout the school and the confessions hadn’t stopped. Even now, the girls passing by him would steal a glance or stare, maybe hoping that their eyes would meet his.

At last, Jacob reached the school. He quickly changed his shoes and headed towards his classroom when he was stopped.

– “You!” A girl screamed. “Meet me on the rooftop after class!”

And then, she ran off. He stood there, dumbfounded for a moment. “The rooftop? Really? How much more cliché can you get?” But just as that thought hit him, he was struck with the meaning of it all. A girl had asked him after class, to the rooftop, obviously to talk. There was a fair chance that it would be to confess. Nervous, Jacob hastily walked to his class.

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One thought on “31DFWC1 Entry 2

  1. Ahh man, this is trash. I’ve been working way too long on this entry. It’s sunny outside(I work better in the dark) and somehow, it seems I couldn’t find any right words and I feel my tenses are all screwed up. Why, engrish, why? Anyways, let’s hope I do better tomorrow!


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