An update and a challenge(!?)

First of all, hey, sup… okay, now that that’s done, here’s the deal. I’ve made some revamping to my blog. Wiii! Nothing has changed btw, it just looks better (I think at least).

I think Kimi Wa Petto is coming up next Thursday so, yay?

I’m finally aware of what’s up with my arms hurting. It’s something about my ligaments being too long and my joints are kinda loose because of this and that’s where the pain comes mainly from. Nothing I can really do about it for now but they say I’ll have to strengthen my muscles and stuff. We’ll see when I meet that damn doctor.

“But what about the challenge that’s in the title and stuff?” I can hear you scream from behind your screen! (No, you’re certainly not doing that but it looks good there so just don’t mind it.) Well, I’m glad you asked good lad or lass! I’ll tell you! But not today. Nah I’m joking!

Actually, I’m thinking of doing some kind of challenge for myself to train my writing skills and also a bit of my English as well. I mean, I’m not that bad but heh, it’s not my first language so I gotta train it for sure.

So, it would be a 30 or 31 days challenge. I would write a chapter each day. The chapters should be fairly short, about 500 words minimum and 1000 words maximum. I guess the 31th day would be for the ending. For this one (Yeah, I might do others if I think it’s good practice), I’ll be doing something of my liking. I would like it to be free style writing, meaning, I won’t have a plan. I will be completely unprepared and blindly weaving my story as the days goes. So, I probably won’t know the ending or the outcome. I might even draw little pictures when I don’t struggle with time!

Now, it might not be very good, really. No preparation whatsoever is a pretty hard thing for me. And I would need the extra push to actually do it. I have to keep it short because I’m still hurt after all. The quick reviews will still be released on Thursdays  of course.

It’s still pretty knew in my head but I’ve had the idea for a while. When/if I release the first chapter, I want anyone who reads not to be afraid to comment. If you think it’s bad tell me why and if you think it’s good, tell me why too! I don’t care. I might hate it too, you know! And, well, if there’s no comment and no one reading I’ll still be writing anyway because it’s good for me. I don’t care, I’m all grown up. I don’t need anyone! (Says the girl who’s trying to hide her fears and her anxiety in her brave words! Don’t mind me.)

Oh, and if anyone wants in on this challenge, I’d be happy to read the outcome! Not that I think that anyone will want to join… Man, I’m lonely

Annnnnnddddd, that’s pretty much it. I give this update: uhh 3/5 fantas? whatever! Hope ya’ll doing great anyways. I’m off now, bye!


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