Seducing Mr. Perfect (Kmovie) (Quick(?) Review)

This review has been requested by Leafy, thanks Leafy ^-^/


I’m sorry this review is so long but  I couldn’t help myself. If you don’t care about the why and just want to know if you should be watching, just go read the conclusion. (That’s the little paragraph under the red text.)

Seducing Mr. Perfect is a Korean movie about a woman that has trouble in love and her new and handsome boss.

Okay, my summary sucks. You can go find a fancy one, I mean, if you’re reading this, that means you got internet, huh? Google is only a click away. Unless you’re using bing. In that case, get out, you weird unhinged person! (I’m joking, I still love you… If you exist, that is… I’m a terrible person…)

Here’s what I have to say about this movie. First of all, it’s kinda old. 2006, it’s been 11 years (Yes, I know right!). So, besides the abusive usage of prehistoric phones, you’ll find that Korea has gone a long way since then. Their dramas are long but man, they have such good quality. I’d say they even top Japan, right now. Yup, shot’s fired.

I must say, I loved it. But, (and it’s a pretty sexy butt) I have a ton of stuff to say about it. I said I loved it, not that I’m not gonna shit all over it. What do you expect of me anyway?

I’ll start with this: The male lead, aside from being incredibly handsome, had a pretty neat English. I could manage to listen without even looking at the subtitles at times. Korean usually don’t have that bad of an English but this was the best I’ve heard. BUT, the other actors had some difficulties at some times. And instead of making them look like foreign having a hard time speaking English, it instead made it look like they were reading their lines out loud without knowing the meaning of the words they were saying. It felt pretty stiff.

Also, the starting plot gave me the biggest déjà-vue of all times. I’m pretty sure I saw something similar somewhere else before. And I’d say those similar plot mostly came out of Taiwan. I didn’t dig into this but because the show dates from 2006, I won’t complain.

As per usual with those kind of movies, they go pretty fast. I felt it was kind of a stretch for the male lead to fall for the girl so quickly; And for no apparent reason too. Why would a guy like him love a girl like her? I know she has a romantic vision of what love is but that wouldn’t be enough of a reason. It felt strange to me.

Now, here’s my biggest problem with this piece: The characters. Even if the male lead had some kind of personality, gosh those characters were shallow at best. They felt alive but so empty at the same time. The actions of the female lead made me cringe. The male lead was a jerk but I still felt a little bit for him… Or was it for those pecs… mmmmhhh… Must have been the pecs… Or the scar… No, yeah, both… The male lead was obviously far from being American but the background bench is pretty empty so I don’t know. It didn’t bother me though. I’d say the main characters were kind of unfinished. It’s like someone decided to draw them but left after making the outlines. I’m really obsessed at how characters should be fleshed out. Maybe I’m too harsh?

I give Seducing Mr. Perfect : fantarating3_53/5 Fantas + 1 ♥ for those pecs.

The shallowness of the characters was my biggest issue but it’s only like 2 hours long and that male lead is just too handsome to pass. I had fun.

As always, I like to hear you guys in the comments.

That’s it for now folks. Take care and  I’ll see you next week!


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