Orange (Live action) (Quick Review)

Update: It seems I had made a lot of mistakes while writing this article. (Probably a result of writing really late at night. Like 2-3 am…) I’ve fixed it but some might have evaded me. Sorry about that~ ♥


Orange is a live action movie based on the manga of the same name. There is also an anime.

The story of Orange revolves around a young girl named Naho who gets a letter from her future self. In the letter, there is a list of what will happen and of what she should do to change the fate of her new classmate.

Now, here I will only talk about the live action movie because even though I have been wanting to do it for a really long time, I haven’t watched the anime and haven’t read the manga.

I must say, the cast was pretty on point with the manga (I haven’t read it but I’ve checked it out). The cast was pretty good and also there was Kento. Yes, sorry. It seems I just always watch movies with Kento in them but I swear this time I didn’t mean to.

So, after crying my eyes out for at least an hour, I must say it was pretty good. It was very well paced and I enjoyed it with all I had.

Now, I must say, and I don’t want to spoil, but the main theme of this movie is very heavy. And still, they pulled it out perfectly. Tackling such a subject is always really tricky but they did it very well. I have no regrets for watching it.

I give Orange: fantarating5_55/5 Fantas

That’s it for now, folks! Let’s do this again next week!


2 thoughts on “Orange (Live action) (Quick Review)

    • i think the live action is really worth checking. of course it’s not as in depth as the manga or the anime but it was really great ^-^


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