L-DK (Live action) (Quick Review)

Quick update before I start: For those who would’ve missed it, there is now a tab for review requests next to the About tab. Feel free to go there and requests things! Now let’s go!


L-DK is a Japanese live action based on the manga of the same name. It revolves around a girl and a boy that ends up living together after an accident with the boys apartment.

Now, first, I would like to say that it has been a while since I’ve seen the drama but I am still reading the manga. The manga is still ongoing and I must say, it is pretty good.

Now from my notes, it was a pretty frustrating movie. The manga is pretty long so try to squeeze that whole story inside 2 hours or less of content and it does what it always do. Though, Kento was the lead so, Yes, Please!

I say, it has been a while but I have good memories of it despite the frustration so it wasn’t Thaaaaaatttt bad but if you want something more just go for the manga. The manga is just way better. But if you want a piece of Kento then DO IT, JUST DO IT.

So from what I remember of that movie;

I give L-DK : fantarating3_53/5 Fantas.

(Cuz I feel sassy about it.)

That is all folks. I hope to see you next week!


4 thoughts on “L-DK (Live action) (Quick Review)

    • It wasn’t bad but it could have been better. I have good memories from watching this, like I said, but I feel they could have made a better job with the “villain girl” and the secondary love interest was strangely out of place too.


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