Koe Koi (Jdrama) (Quick Review)


Koe Koi, based on a webtoon of the same name is a Japanese drama that tell the tale of a girl going to school and meeting a peculiar guy with a deadly cute voice and a paper bag over his head.

It is, so far, one of my most favorite drama of all times. It was sweet as all hell and goshhhhhhhhh they did it folks, they used a nice and tall frame and they put the voice of freaking Sakurai Takahiro over it. After binging this jdrama like a maniac, I was left with a bitter taste for more.

You know when you live this awesome experience and then nothing can get quite as good? Yep. Emotional death.

First, The actors were cool and they even made a non interesting character interesting (I’m talking about the president.)

Now it has been a time since I’ve seen this but It was amazing and I recommend it to anyone who like cute high school romance. You’ll die. In a very good way. Don’t worry about it.

All in all. Yes We CAN! Ten fluffy pink unicorn out of ten. Would watch again, would wash again. Would bath in it’s pink fluffy feelings again.

I give Koe Koi :fantarating5_5 5/5 fantas.

With that, I’ll see you next time!


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