Storms, car accidents and cold (quick update)

I decided I would update as I don’t know when I’ll review something… Basically, I started school 2 weeks ago and I have a lot of reading to do but that’s nothing compared to what happened to me…

First day of the new semester, there is a storm. A big storm so it’s a no go to school. On Wednesday…. Another storm <.< yay! The next week on Sunday morning, my boyfriend gets in a car accident because of snow on the road. The car is a total mess so we need to buy another one. On Tuesday, there is blizzard just so I can’t leave and then, once I decided I would stay, the blizzard stops <.< On Wednesday, I decide to go to the grocery store and I get into a car accident. My car is messed up and It’ll coast me about 400$ to repair. No go for school the next day, my neck hurts pretty bad too. Now, My boyfriend buys a new car for about 700$… I wake up Monday morning with a freaking cold, I can’t even breath anymore DAMMIT! So no school AGAIN and today isn’t much better so I don’t even know if I’ll go… That’s how much messed up my life is right now…

On another note, I got a new graphic card and I can game now !! I’m really happy but I feel all the shit that’s happening to me is destroying all my school life. All of this in 2 weeks, it’s really getting to me.

Now I would like to say that the game is progressing and it is but I feel useless right now. I would love to give it more time but with all that’s happening and with all the freaking homework I got, it’s really hard to find the time… I use all my mornings to read. I wish I could write a tiny bit more. Doesn’t stop me from imagining new stuff though! And, I even take notes !! Now, all I can do is try my best. I won’t let you down, teammates, I promise ! You are all awesome!

Yeah… Sorry for my renting but I felt that you guys needed to know what’s going on. I always try to post positive stuff but this time… I’m sorry…


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