Cinderella (Quick Review)


With my new subscription with Netflix, you might see more of those kind of reviews. Usually, I don’t do movies but I might start doing more.

Cinderella, this one from 2015, is just another Cinderella movie. Basically, Disney is using their right on the thing. They kinda used this film as an excuse to make money over a movie they already did back in 1950.

Now, don’t take me wrong, the movie was good… but it was a copy. I mean, how can you fail a so classic classic? This was the most basic of basics. Same jokes with the mice and the cat… Same prince, same Cinderella…

This movie is full of blend. A blend blond girl falls for a blend prince and his blend father disapproves. There won’t be any spoiler within this, EVERYBODY already knows the story. The plot was just convenient. No change whatsoever. Hard to dislike a movie that was good in 1950. Hard to fail something you already had success with, right? I feel this movie was a big “Bah! They’ll watch it even though they all saw this once already, ehehe! Come now, let’s play in the money pool!”

Now I won’t only say bad things about this movie. First of all, Richard Madden is in this. Okay, okay… The special effects were pretty great but sometimes a little useless. The integration was great. The stepmother was easy to hate…

So, my conclusion is, Cinderella is not a bad movie (strangely). No, its just a copy of the 1950 film with a sexier prince and a live action setting. Nothing to hate about it. The character are as blend as they were and all. What I didn’t like about this film was that it was The Exact Same Movie (by this I mean plot wise, story wise and all, not that it was the same script). No innovation, no changes (except the stepmother was just so frustrating in this one… Gah, I wished she would have ended just like in the Brother Grimm’s tales) What I would have liked to see was more developed characters, maybe a change in the story? Maybe a twist or something? It’s for kids, I know, and so what? Even Adventure Time as a more complex plot in a 10 minute episode than this in an hour and an half movie. So basically, if you want to re watch the 1950 movie but you think it would be better with Richard Madden as the prince, well watch this one !

What are your thought on this movie? Did you like it or not? Let me know!

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