Mekakucity Actors (Quick review)

Because of my really tight schedule, I’ll be doing quick reviews instead of full reviews. They will be less complete but at least I post something :

Mekakucity Actors is an anime about kids with some kind of powers.

What’s good about it: The story is really good. I loved it even though I wondered what was going on for the whole anime. The characters were interesting.

Visually, this anime is AWESOME. It is candy for the eyes, it’s a mind blowing, colorful, simple yet complex visual. The setting of the city is just incredible. Even though you don’t understand the story or you’re not interested, this anime is worth it only for the art style.

Now what’s bad about it: I don’t have a lot to say on what’s bad. That you love it or not, anime where you don’t understand anything until the end is a genre or sub-genre. It has been used in movies as well. I just loved to try to understand until the end. This can be a negative side to the anime but I think this just adds to it.

In conclusion, go watch Mekakucity Actors if you haven’t yet. And if you saw it and did not like it I would like to know why ;P


2 thoughts on “Mekakucity Actors (Quick review)

  1. I absolutely LOVED Mekakucity Actors and planning to buy the light novels soon enough ! It’s indeed one of those stories that doesn’t like to reveal everything in one go. I liked the different shades the characters had too, especially Kano. 🙂

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